Day 226 – Taking a break from plush creatures to make a new altered t-shirt. I may add long sleeves, or not. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 238 – My daughter’s boxy, oversized school t-shirt altered into a dress. I hope her school doesn’t mind… (Taken with Instagram)

Day 4 – Merged and altered t-shirts

This is relatively easy shirt to make as long as you know how to use a sewing machine. I cut off the sleeves of a shirt I never wear, and I found an XXL t-shirt at Goodwill to use as the main body. I sewed the sides and sleeves of the XXL t-shirt to create a tapered fit, then attached the long sleeves so they are extra long. Simple details using embroidery stitches and leftover t-shirt material cover the existing graphic. I also added thumb holes in the extra long sleeves, and then hid the holes with a patch in the same material.