Day 251 – Floppy cat experiment, take 2. I think this shape will work better. And for 1.99 at Goodwill, I found a stuffed duck doorstop with just the right pellet stuffing made from natural corkā€¦ Score! (Taken with Instagram)

Day 249 – My floppy cat experiment (using a recycled t-shirt) is a challenge. The old t-shirt is too week for stuffing. The shape, as originally drawn, does not work in 3D. Weighted pellet are needed for to create the floppy effect. Onward. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 226 – Taking a break from plush creatures to make a new altered t-shirt. I may add long sleeves, or not. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 227 – Finished the altered t-shirt and added the long sleeves. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 236 – Made an orange overshirt from two XL t-shirts. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 153 – Saved my favorite leggings by replacing the entire knee. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 202 – Super simple alteration of a boxy t-shirt I got on our trip to Cape Cod. It has been saved from the sleep shirt pile. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 199 – Faux fur vest is a bit oversized, but she loves it anyway. “Me, pink!” She can wear/love it for years. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 197 – Working on a tasseled bolero for my 7 yr old. Details tomorrow. (Taken with Instagram)