Day 245 – Collage with magazine paper. The process is additive, and I almost always try to build out to a rectangle. I love ordering and aligning the random pieces in my collection of magazine scraps. The precision is satisfying. Sigh. The detail and color are hard to capture with an iPhone. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 229 – My daughter and I created a happy jar to hold all of our good thoughts and memories. We collaged the top using magazine paper. When we have a bad day, we can open the jar and find some Happy! (Thanks Emma) (Taken with Instagram)

Day 234 – I sat down to make another collage late at night and just couldn’t make it happen. So I created another OSnap video of the collage pieces moving around the page and finally leaving it blank. Check it out in the post above.
(Taken with Instagram)

Day 171 – A collage inspired by framed art in a Holiday Inn Express. I see faces in everything. (Taken with Instagram)