Day 251 – Floppy cat experiment, take 2. I think this shape will work better. And for 1.99 at Goodwill, I found a stuffed duck doorstop with just the right pellet stuffing made from natural cork… Score! (Taken with Instagram)

Day 192 – Some experiments will remain just that. But they still count as creative time, as strange and useless as they may be. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 189 – Altered an XL t-shirt into a bolero. I just cut and tied the sleeves to create the fringe. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 182 – Made a no-sew tank dress for my 7 yr old. One can never have too many tank dresses in the summer. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 2 – Melted crayons into hearts and created a necklace.

A few years ago, my daughter and I sorted through all of her crayons and put aside all of the broken ones to remelt into new blended crayons. This is an easy and fun craft to do with young kids. The crayons melt in a few minutes in a 250 degree oven.  This time around, I sorted the crayons by color instead of mixing them into blends. I had the idea of making them all into necklaces, so I placed a cut straw into the still moist wax after taking it out of the oven. Once the wax was completely set, the hole was easy to pop out.  A braided cord finished the necklace.  I’m partial to the black crayon because it is minimal and less obviously a crayon. 

In celebration of Earth Day and Easter, my daughter and I made a basket of (yes, again) fused plastic.  1/2" strips are woven in and out of a slitted, 5-sided box base.  Extra strips are used to fill the basket like grass. One more strip becomes the handle.  I folded a few leftover squares into a hopping frog, a crane, and a butterfly.  Did I ever mention how much I love origami?