I will be teaching workshops at the Soulodge Earth Medicine Gatherings in June and August 2016.  Descriptions of both workshops are provided below.


In this two-hour workshop you’ll learn a traditional process of wet-felting to create a pouch to hold your sacred medicine. Using only soap, hot water, natural alpaca and wool roving, a river rock, and lots of massaging and rubbing, wet-felting challenges expectations while heightening the sensuality of making something by hand. Birthing the pouch from the stone is a transformative process on it’s own, and many birthing metaphors accompany this beautiful process. We’ll complete our pouches at the edge of the Crooked River, in honor of the teachings of the West on the Medicine Wheel.

  • Materials provided: Alpaca roving in various natural colors, deerskin lacing in various earth colors, silver coated wire, and choice of one bone/shell/semi-precious stone for adornment.
  • Although not necessary to complete a pouch, I encourage you to bring any extra adornments such as beads, stones, gems, wool yarn, etc. to personalize your pouch as you would like.
  • Space is limited to 16 participants.
Workshop fee $40
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SPIRIT DOLLS, August 2016

In this 2 hour workshop we make a Spirit Doll with intention and inspiration, thinking about a quality or virtue we would like to increase and/or explore within our lives. Spirit Dolls serve as messengers to us, from ourselves – providing the exact message we need to hear, at the exact moment we need to hear it. They can be an expression of Peace, Hope, Healing, Wisdom, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, a particular Spirit, or Goddess, or ancestor, or even yourself. We will walk the land to gather bits of nature: sticks for the body, pebbles, flowers, grasses, feathers, seeds, etc for decoration. All materials will be provided, including a clay face of your choosing, although you are encouraged to bring personal bits of medicine, fabric, yarn, stones, or jewelry that you may choose to incorporate into your Spirit Doll.

  • All materials will be provided – fabrics, yarns, wool roving. I encourage participants to bring any personal fabrics, feathers, yarns, jewelry, etc that will add meaning to their Spirit Doll.
  • Space is limited to 16 participants.

Workshop fee $55
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