When a new iPhone requires a bigger pocket…

I updated the lining of my favorite (really only) Lucky Brand hobo purse a year or so ago because the dark brown interior made it impossible to find anything. I love the retro pattern and how easy it is to seek and find things in this bottomless pit of personal items. But then I got the new iPhone 6 Plus and the phone pocket was too small. Way too small – like the phone was sticking up and interfering with the magnet closure. It was ridiculous and annoying. So for months I’ve just been dealing with it. To avoid redoing the lining, I made a separate felted wallet (check an earlier post) that wasn’t quite practical for quick access. So I finally took out the lining and made a new pocket. I even added a fabric loop for hanging my keys. It is so satisfying to have things function well. The new pocket is perfect. My phone does not have to get any bigger. Are you listening Apple?

Flirty swing dress from a giant t-shirt…


The second of two gigantic t-shirts was transformed into a dress. The chest pocket remains in the original location so it wraps over the new side seam. The bottom edge is raw but the sleeves and collar hems were preserved.

Day 251 – Floppy cat experiment, take 2. I think this shape will work better. And for 1.99 at Goodwill, I found a stuffed duck doorstop with just the right pellet stuffing made from natural cork… Score! (Taken with Instagram)

Day 249 – My floppy cat experiment (using a recycled t-shirt) is a challenge. The old t-shirt is too week for stuffing. The shape, as originally drawn, does not work in 3D. Weighted pellet are needed for to create the floppy effect. Onward. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 226 – Taking a break from plush creatures to make a new altered t-shirt. I may add long sleeves, or not. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 238 – My daughter’s boxy, oversized school t-shirt altered into a dress. I hope her school doesn’t mind… (Taken with Instagram)