Day 247 – I plan to create plush toys from both these drawings. I sketched the red one from the book, “Ella Sarah Gets Dressed.” It will be super soft and floppy. The brown one was drawn by my daughter when she was 6 yrs old. I love the ears, expression, and proportions. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 248 – My daughter had the idea to create a welcome path for new friends coming to dinner. I had only a supporting role in this creative project, but we had so much fun together that I had to share… (Taken with Instagram)

Day 214 – Sketching games with my 8 yr old. Random accidents. We draw blind, then look at the scribbles and see something new. We crumple paper and find figures in the wrinkles. I hold the pencil while she moves the paper underneath to try to draw something. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 242 – My 8 yr old returned home from her first solo trip away from home. So proud. And so happy to have her back. A simple hand made banner welcomes her home. “Mom, this is the first of many welcome home celebrations, because I plan on making a lot of trips.” (Taken with Instagram)