Day 214 – Sketching games with my 8 yr old. Random accidents. We draw blind, then look at the scribbles and see something new. We crumple paper and find figures in the wrinkles. I hold the pencil while she moves the paper underneath to try to draw something. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 230 – Taking pictures with my right hand while drawing with my left, I played a sketching game that I call “chasing the shadow.” I then created an OSnap video. Check it out above this post.
(Taken with Instagram)

Day 240 – A sketch experiment. Stream of conscious doodling in a single line. Doodling is very different from drawing. It doesn’t have to BE anything. It is more about the process. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 187 – Almost 6 hours on this thing. Vacation is ending, and I can’t believe I never finished it. To be continued… (Taken with Instagram)