From pajamas to scarf…

There are many ways to cope with mistakes or the unexpected. Sometimes you just have to plow through, even if the end product is disappointing. Like a batch of sugar cookies that are just slightly misshapen or a little too brown on the edges. It’s OK. They will still taste good. Sometimes, you have to back up a bit and fix the error because a crooked seam means a misfitted garment. In rare moments, a total do over is the only choice. And still other times you find a way to create something totally new from a bad moment.

I had a favorite pair of flannel pajama bottoms. I wore them often. And one day as I was shoveling snow from our driveway, the rear seam ripped. I was so disappointed. And grateful there was no one, but the cold wind, to witness my exposed behind. Back inside the house, I discovered the fabric itself had failed, leaving me no easy option to restitch the seam. I did not want to just toss my favorite pajamas bottoms. In an instant, I had an idea – to make an infinity scarf.

I cut off the waistband, leg hems, and side seams and salvaged two long pieces of flannel. I further cut the irregular edges to create two even rectangles. Then I stitched them together along the short edges to create a loop of fabric. So simple.

What can you imagine and make from the unexpected?

Upcycle a shirt into an infinity scarf…

This infinity scarf is made from a large piece of soft cotton shirting found at a thrift store. I really like the modern use of a traditional material like plaid. The edges of the fabric are straight-stitched at ┬╝ inch so there is a controlled fray.

Day 3 – Infinity t-shirt scarf (Taken with instagram)

This is the easiest thing to make.  Take an old t-shirt (XL or bigger) and cut it off below the sleeves. Voila, infinity scarf. Goodwill is a great resource for new or gently used t-shirts.