ByPauline goes to market…

The first show for ByPauline. I am participating in ARTist Saturday today at Armature here in Bend, OR. After considering traditional vendor displays using tables and shelves, I decided to create a flexible, affordable, alternative installation using standard cardboard boxes. I created the display for my 6×6 space with 12″square boxes – some open and some closed. The system is secured with blue painter’s tape and binder clips so the boxes can easily be dismantled and reused. My Plicious clothing is hung on an Aspen branch that is balanced on top of a stack of boxes and then secured with blue zip ties. ByPauline Instagram images adorn some of the empty box faces. I am promoting myself as an architect/designer/artist/maker who creates custom handmade pieces for special events and holidays. So I am displaying a variety of things as “samples” for what I can make. I am also offering services as a creative consultant to help individuals and groups, young and old, to realize their vision for unique handmade items.

From t-shirt to skirt to pants…

A while ago I happened upon a way to make a simple skirt from the top half of a XXL t-shirt. I literally just stepped inside the giant neck hole and said “Hey, this could be a skirt.” The sleeves were flipped inside and sewn shut to form giant pockets and the skirt hem was a simple raw cut edge. It was just that simple. I wore it a few times in the summer. It was funky for sure – even for me. So recently, I decided to alter it a step further and make some low crotch harem pants. Using a second complementary gray t-shirt, I created tapered legs and a folded waistband. They are super comfortable, but clearly an experimental part of any wardrobe. Pants are much more practical in my wardrobe, so I may actually wear these as a funky, feature piece now and then.

Large t-shirt = Mini Maxi-dress

Stella asked me to make her an upcycled dress rather than more tutus.  Style upgrade. I altered an XL men’s t-shirt into a long sleeved maxi-dress with raw edges and an added panel at the chest to fill the plunging V-neck.

I created two new prototypes for my plicious clothing line. The first one, created from a single XL men’s tshirt, is an open back overshirt with tiny pleats at the base of the v-neck. The second, made from two XL men’s tshirts, is a v-neck poncho with extra wide fringe at the base. Both of these will be available on soon.