Day 174 – Stone balance sculpture on Cape Cod. I’ll see how tall I can stack these super flat rocks. (Taken with Instagram)

I used to have a milk crate filled with scraps of wood and other various bits – pieces saved from a woodworking class I took in college.  I’d build little sculptures using this really potent super glue called Zap-a-Gap.  Sometimes I’d bring the box into my office and my colleagues and I would make a sculpture over the course of a week.  One piece per person per day.  We’d treat it like a game of design strategy – trying to see if we could create something balanced, even beautiful.

Eventually I purged that box of wood scraps during a move.  I miss it.  You got any wood scraps?  I’m now accepting donations…

For Valentine’s Day, my 6 yr old daughter presented me with a silver wire sculpture that surrounds a red paper heart.  "Mommy, you are the atmosphere that surrounds my heart.“  I melted.  I loved the idea, the execution, the meaning – the whole thing.  Then I became inspired to make a necklace based upon her design. I found all I needed at a local bead shop called Ritual Adornments. A simple iridescent red bead is threaded on 18 gauge silver wire and then wrapped like a cocoon. Since I’ve never made jewelry before, I relied on the friendly and helpful staff to add the clasp. I was so excited to wear the finished necklace and to share it with my daughter.  At first, she was happy.  "Now I have your heart, too.” Then her mood changed because she felt like my necklace supplanted her sculpture to me. I tried to explain, without success, that copying her design is the best complement anyone could give. We decided that neither of us would wear the necklace. So it now sits in a drawer. I hope to present it to her again when she is much older.  I still keep her sculpture with me all the time in my bag.