Gather in and Celebrate Fall…

Fall is a time for gathering in; nesting and preparing for winter. The temperature is crisp and chilly at the beginning and end of each day. The days become shorter and darkness is postponed by turning on the lights, or better yet, by burning candles.

To celebrate the seasonal changes, I created a simple centerpiece based on the concepts of an earth medicine altar. Incorporating representations of the four elements  Рearth, sky,  fire, water Рthe centerpiece is a simple collection of natural and found items. A long irregular piece of leftover felt from a sewing project stretches along the length of the table. Aspen twigs, gathered from around my yard and tied with twine into a sort of effigy, serve as a frame to hold leaves, seeds, and feathers (air) picked up on a walk through the neighborhood. Some rocks (earth) that hold special memories are arranged at one end of the felt. Oil burning candles (fire) are placed at the other end. A few seashells (water) lay near the twigs.

I’d like to say we’ve enjoyed candlelit dinners for the past several nights, but sometimes the best intentions are forgotten in my family’s daily routine.

What treasures can you gather around your home and neighborhood to create a centerpiece altar to celebrate fall?

My first experiment in wet felting inclusions…

This is a one-piece bowl and mat centerpiece. I experimented with wet-felting an inclusion into a flat square layout of alpaca wool roving. I wrapped a plastic egg in dark gray roving and then placed it on my layout of cream roving, then covered everything with a few more layers of cream. After the felting process was complete, I carefully cut a hole and extracted the plastic egg. The result is a bowl with a dark interior that is integrated into a cream mat. Three edges are trimmed and the fourth is left raw like the top of the bowl. I absolutely love this piece. Yes, I will be making more.