Large t-shirt = Mini Maxi-dress

Stella asked me to make her an upcycled dress rather than more tutus.  Style upgrade. I altered an XL men’s t-shirt into a long sleeved maxi-dress with raw edges and an added panel at the chest to fill the plunging V-neck.

Day 251 – Floppy cat experiment, take 2. I think this shape will work better. And for 1.99 at Goodwill, I found a stuffed duck doorstop with just the right pellet stuffing made from natural cork… Score! (Taken with Instagram)

Day 249 – My floppy cat experiment (using a recycled t-shirt) is a challenge. The old t-shirt is too week for stuffing. The shape, as originally drawn, does not work in 3D. Weighted pellet are needed for to create the floppy effect. Onward. (Taken with Instagram)