I’m experimenting with a no-sew technique of cutting and tying strips to create seams. The smaller the strips, the more fragile, but it also makes the seam more closed (i.e. less exposed skin.) I cut a trapezoid shape out of an XL men’s t-shirt and sewed a traditional elastic waistband at the top. The sides were joined by knotting 1/2” x 2” strips that I cut along the edges. I covered a rather large existing graphic on the front by sewing on 1/2” wide strips cut from the remaining bits of t-shirt. The strips naturally curl and create an interesting texture. The finished product works both as a skirt and a sleeveless top.

I created two new prototypes for my plicious clothing line. The first one, created from a single XL men’s tshirt, is an open back overshirt with tiny pleats at the base of the v-neck. The second, made from two XL men’s tshirts, is a v-neck poncho with extra wide fringe at the base. Both of these will be available on plicious.com soon.