My daughter’s 7th birthday party was carnival themed.  As they played the various games, kids collected red tickets in a popcorn bucket.  We didn’t even need prizes because the kids had so much fun collecting more and more tickets.  I thought of a simple necklace craft that would reuse the tickets after the party – or maybe some kids would want to create the necklace at the party.  When I showed the sample to my daughter, her reaction was lukewarm at best. “Nice, Mom.” So I asked her if she thought her friends would like to make a ticket trophy necklace.

“Uh, no.”

“OK, will you at least wear it so I can take a photograph and share it on my blog?” (groan.) “Please.”

Well, her expression in the photo says everything. “Come on, can’t you at least smile?”

“Mom, you didn’t ask me to.”

Good grief.

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