The fall colors were spectacular while they lasted here in Bend, OR. But one frosty night was all it took, and most trees are now brown or bare. Luckily, I had saved and pressed all the best examples of reds, oranges, and yellows. So when my daughter told me she wanted to make a pumpkin out of recycled materials, I envisioned collaging the leaves onto a cardboard sphere.

But when you make something with kids, part of the fun is seeing what they come up with.  So I withheld my own vision and just helped my daughter when requested.  We made a pumpkin shape by freehand cutting some pointed ellipse-shaped gores. All precision aside, I think we still got a pretty good tall pumpkin shape.

Adin loves tape, so after taping the gores together, she decided to tape some orange leaves to the sides.  Next she tried coloring it with crayons and pens. Paint came next. The final touch was to add some insects, since that is what she has been studying in school.  Black felt spiders and flies, and finally a beautiful butterfly using scrap fabric.

I think it looks so much more interesting than the real pumpkins we bought at the farm… and so much better than I had envisioned as well…

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