Day 15 – Origami bowl using fused recycled plastic bags (Taken with instagram)

Making things out of fused plastic has been more and more difficult.  One reason is that plastic bags (except for the crappy grocery store kind) are harder to find.  Most stores just don’t use them any more.  That’s great for the environment, but lousy for those of us who love to make things with fused plastic.

I actually find this bowl to be really ugly, in part, because the only plastic bags I found were some small trash bags. Really difficult plastic to fuse. It took me over an hour to melt them flat enough to create a usable sheet of plastic. My original idea was to make a prototype of an origami box lamp.  But the darn thing would not stay folded.  So I let it pop open and filled it with cookies. Voila. An ugly plastic bowl. If only I could make it out of stainless steel. Now that might be cool…

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