Fashion a new shirt from remnants…

 Upcycling clothing inevitably creates a pile of remnants. Most of the leftover scraps can be shredded and used as fiber fill in a pouf or even a stuffed animal. Sometimes I have larger pieces that seem to have a purpose that is yet undiscovered. The shirt above is an example of discovering a new purpose for remnants.

Making maxi dresses out of t-shirts requires cutting the body of a couple XL tees below the arms. This cropped top is not much by itself, but it becomes a cute slit-side top when lengthened by stitching sleeves onto the raw cut edge. The sleeves were leftover from making t-shirt yarn. I just cut off the sleeve seams, opened them into a single rectangle of fabric, and stitched the raw edges of the rectangle and the crop top together. Using my serger, I narrowed the XL sleeves for a fitted look, while keeping the body of the shirt more boxy.

This same shirt could be made with remnants from different colored shirts for a very patchy look. I prefer a minimal, modern look, so the pure white suits me just fine.

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