Our little piece of this Earth…


We recently moved onto 10 acres in the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon. The square plot of land is framed by large outcroppings of volcanic rock, providing magical protected spaces to gather, and high perches for viewing the entire Cascade Mountain Range. Old growth junipers, rabbitbrush, and sagebrush dominate this near pristine desert landscape. Mulch paths meander throughout the property to protect the fragile, dusty earth.

For the last several weeks, my family has been moving, sorting, purging, and arranging; exploring, observing, learning, planning and dreaming. This is our forever home, and over the next few years we will develop a master plan which will include a new home and outdoor spaces for gathering. Have I been creative lately? Am I making anything? My answer is Yes, absolutely. I am making our little piece of this Earth into a home.

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