Sewing Shade…

This summer seems unusually hot here in Central Oregon. The weather has been monotonous; intense sun in cloudless skies and dry heat in the 90s for weeks without end. Sun protection is mandatory for me since I suffer from vitiligo. Striking the right balance between comfort, protection, and style can be a challenge. When I could not find just the right thing to wear for a day relaxing at a friend’s ranch, I created a full-length cover-up in under 30 minutes. Using a beige, twin-size, fitted jersey sheet, I cut off the elastic and the corner seams, folded it in half, cut a neckline, then stitched two straight lines a few inches from the top to create sleeves. Since knit fabrics are stretchy and do not fray, I left all the edges raw for simplicity. This cover-up is light, fluid, and comfortable. Have a jersey knit sheet you can spare? I bet you can make a cover-up for yourself too.

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