A Modern Advent Calendar Card…

Creating a handmade holiday card is an important tradition for me. I often have a list of creative options that I add to throughout the year and then a final choice just comes to me like an epiphany. I love advent calendars, and I chose to create a modern design inspired by a prefab shed I saw in Dwell magazine. Family photos fill most of the windows and a few additional seasonal decor images theme the calendar for Christmas. Cutting the windows and gluing the front to the back was quite a challenge. I tend to make do with what I have on hand, but I really could have used some special double stick tape. But as days in December were passing, and I was still working hard to complete cards to send, I decided to alter the design from a traditional advent calendar to just a double door card. What is the sense in receiving an advent calendar if half the days have passed? The double door design as easier to execute, so I finished them up and sent them off. Happy (Handmade) Holidays!

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