Concept base for a pouf…

The two poufs I made have proven very useful in our livingroom. My daughters often choose to sit on the poufs rather than the couch or armchairs. But I wanted them to serve as more than a footrest or seat. I sketched an idea for a simple base tray that can alternately be underneath or on top of the pouf. I created a prototype out of scrap cardboard. When underneath the pouf, the base tray raises it to a standard seat height so it function as extra seating at our dining table. If I flip the base tray over and place it on top of the pouf, the combination functions as a side table.
Ultimately, I’d like to make this base tray out of finish plywood, but I lack the tools and materials. When I get around to making cube poufs, which I prefer, I will make a square base tray prototype.

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