Handmade crystal ornaments…

Handmade ornaments are my traditional yearly Christmas gift to family. This year I made ornaments inspired by ones that I made for my daughter’s school auction decor. I used gold ribbon, recycled event “Save the Date” cards, gold glitter cardstock, and acrylic crystals to create a simple dangle ornament. First, I threaded about 6″ of ribbon through the acrylic crystal, pulled the ends even, and tied a simple overhand knot at the ends. Using a 1″ diameter hole punch, I cut a bunch of circles out of the event cards and glitter cardstock. I folded each circle in half and then glued them together to create a sphere shape, alternating the glitter cardstock and the event cards. Before gluing the last folded circles together, I wrapped the sphere around the ribbon and then added extra glue to fix the sphere in place.

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