My dilemma with the selfie…

It has been awhile since I posted anything about clothing. I have made several new pieces, but have avoided posting because I am tired of the late night selfies. (Late night because I often don’t get around to documenting and posting until after I get my kids to sleep; and selfies because it fits my budget.) I actually bought a couple lenses and tripod from to improve my iPhone photos. But the lenses and tripod do not take better photos on their own. So what do I do? I revert to the late night selfie. I figure sharing my making is important even if the photos are less than perfect. You, dear reader, may likely disagree. But I feel compelled to let you know that I have much busier than my blog shows. Really, I have. Currently, I like the feel of a loose tunic shirt. Using an XXL or larger men’s shirt, I create a narrow sleeve but leave the body wide. This style works best on a shirt that has some movement – like a rayon blend. Using a 100% cotton dress shirt would be too stiff. In the photo, I am wearing a linen/rayon blend I transformed today. And what am I wearing below? Those funky pants are an experiment. They are jersey cotton pillowcase pants. Yes, from a pillowcase. I was sifting through my bins of fabric and thrift clothing looking for inspiration when I found the pillowcase and envisioned simple dropped crotch pants and a skirt. I just cut and sewed legs using my serger and then added an elastic waistband into the existing hem. Easy. And so comfortable, although they are not the most flattering. I made the skirt too, but I’ll save that post for another day.

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